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Konrad Türst: De situ confoederatorum descriptio [1495/97] ICHC2007 22nd International Conference on the History of Cartography, Berne, July 8-13, 2007 22. Internationale Konferenz zur Geschichte der Kartographie, Bern, 8.-13. Juli 2007 22e Congrès International de l'Histoire de la Cartographie, Berne, 8-13 juillet 2007 Logo ICHC2007

1   Introduction 
2   Contact Information  
3   Academic Programme 
4   Presentations 
5   Registration 
6   Meals and Special Events 
7   Accompanying Persons 
8   General Tourist Information 
9   Schedule and Conference Programme 
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8.1  How to Get There
8.2  Local Public Transportation
Renovation of the main station area in Berne
The use of the public transportation system will be considerably hindered between the 16th of June and the 3rd of August, 2007, due to renovations to the main station area in Berne. Buses will replace most of the tramways. The stops close to the main station have been relocated. We extend our apologies for any inconveniences caused by these unforeseen renovations when we planned the date for ICHC2007.
Detail city map
The public transportation companies of the city of Berne (bernmobil) and surroundings form the Libero network. Their ticket entitles you to use all the buses, trains, and tramways within the chosen zones.
Since most of the activities during ICHC2007 take place in a relatively small area, we will chiefly use public transportation or even walk from one event to the other.
We do strongly recommend that you buy a Libero weekly ticket for CHF 32.-. You can book it through our reservation form. It will entitle you to free transportation from Sunday, July 8 to Saturday, July 14 in the two central zones.
For logistical reasons you will receive your Libero weekly ticket only when
you get your conference package at the registration desk at UniS building.
8.3  Accommodation
8.4  Weather and Climate
8.5  Insurance

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