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6.3  Exhibitions
Sunday, July 8, 2007, 18:30-21:00:
Federal Office of Metrology METAS
Lindenweg 50, Wabern
Ferdinand Rudolf Hassler (1770-1843):
Swiss pioneer for US surveying, mapping and standards
Already as a student, Ferdinand Rudolf Hassler, born in Aarau, Switzerland, was involved in baseline measurements for the national survey. In 1798 he was commissioned by the minister of finances of the Helvetic Republic to establish a national survey whose competence at the time can be compared to that of today's Federal Office of Topography. After the collapse of the Helvetic Republic, Hassler emigrated to the USA in 1805. In 1807 he founded the U.S. Coast Survey, which is celebrating its bicentennial this year as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA. During the 1830s Hassler founded today's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Under the patronage of the Swiss National Archives and the Federal Offices of Metrology and of Topography, the exhibition honors this outstanding scientist and pioneer in the realms of surveying and the standardization of weights and measures.
Project team: Dieter Schneider (head), Hans Degen, Hans-Anton Ebener, Thomas Klöti, Guido Koller, Martin Rickenbacher, Ruedi Wullschleger
The exhibition at the Federal Office of Metrology will be open until Saturday, August 11, 2007.
Other exhibition venues:
23. August to 7. October 2007: Stadtmuseum Schlössli, Aarau
18. October to 2. December 2007: Museum Murten, Murten
Further reading:
Degen, Hans R.: Messbare Welten: die erstaunliche Karriere des Aarauers Ferdinand Rudolf Hassler (1770-1843) in den USA. Baden: hier + jetzt, 2007. 136 pp. ISBN 978-3-03919-066-9.
Additional information  »  www.f-r-hassler.ch

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